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Legislation Supported by JRI

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You can find contact info for your state legislator here: And then call or email to ask that they support legislation.

Additionally, here are the committee assignments for the House and Senate in Massachusetts. 

General Social Justice

  • An Act Relative to Accountability For Vulnerable Children and Families (H.239, Khan) and (S.32, Lovely) This bill would require DCF to include data on sexual orientation and gender identity in their demographics to provide better support for LGBTQ+ youth. Learn more information here, provided by Citizens for Juvenile Justice and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD).
  • Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty, (H.199, Decker) and (S.96, DiDomenico).  These bills will raise cash assistance grants in Massachusetts by 10% per year until they reach 50% of the federal poverty level.  Current grant levels are woefully inadequate - for example, the maximum for a family of 3 is only $593 per month.  This leaves families struggling to meet their children's most basic needs, like housing, food and diapers.
  • Check out the list of legislative priorities put out by the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health here!
  • Ask your legislators to support increased lead agency funding. This ask would set the budget line item back to the previous amount before the recession hit in 2008. Check out more about the ask here!
  • Contact your legislators and ask them to support using ARPA funds to help strengthen the Human Services workforce that is shrinking daily!
  • An Act Providing Affordable and Accessible High Quality Early Education and Care (H.605Gordon & Madaro) and (S.362, Lewis & Moran). Read more here!
  • An Act Relative to Language Access and Inclusion (H.3199, Madaro & Gonzalez) and (S.2040, DiDomenico).
  • An Act to ensure positive transition plans to prevent youth homelessness (H.248, S.85)
  • An Act Expanding Access to Adoption (H.243, S.123)

Juvenile Justice

  • An Act Improving Juvenile Justice Data Collection (H.1795, Miranda) and (S.1558, Creem)
  • An Act Relative to Judicial Supervision to Promote Child Well-Being (H.1569, Oakley) and (S.984, Creem)
  • An Act Clarifying Consent Laws for Adolescents (H.1726, Lewis & Fernandes) and (S.1126, Rausch)
  • An Act Relative to Safer Schools (H.648, Khan) and (S.286, Chandler)
  • An Act to Prioritize Violence Prevention and Social Emotional Health in School Support Staff Hiring (S.290, Chang-Diaz)
  • An Act Relative to the Location of School Resource Officers (H.694, Sabadosa)
  • An Act to Promote the Education Success of Court Involved Children (H.664, Meschino) and (S.344, Jehlen)
  • An Act to Promote Public Safety and Better Outcomes for Young Adults (H.1826, O'Day & Khan) and (S.920, Boncore)
  • An Act Relative to Expungement of Juvenile and Young Adult Records (H.1531, Decker & Khan) and (S.980, Creem)
  • An Act Relative to Juveniles Accused of Sex Offenses (S.933, Brownsberger)
  • An Act to Prevent the Imposition of mandatory Minimum Sentences Based on Juvenile Adjudications (H.1794, Miranda) and (S.1022, Eldridge)
  • Raise the Age of Youthful Offender and Adult Prosecution from 14 to 16
  • "Second Look" for Youth Sentenced for Offenses Committed Before Age 18
  • Limit Maximum Length of Pre-Trial Detention for Youth Held Under A Dangerousness Hearing
  • An Act Protecting Youth During Custodial Interrogations (S.90, Creem)
  • An Act Providing Easier and Greater Access to Record Sealing (S.1037, Friedman)
  • An Act Providing for Certificates of Rehabilitation, Second Chances, Increased Success, and Community Prosperity (S.932, Brownsberger)

Human Services Providers

  • An Act Establishing a Loan Repayment Program for Direct Care Human Service Workers (S.120, Lesser) and (H.266, Roy) - Take Action Above!
  • An Act Relative to Fair Pay for Comparable Work (S.105, Friedman) and (H.237, Khan) - Take Action Above!

Individuals with Disabilities

  • An Act Relative to Strengthening Background Checks (S.393)
  • An Act Relative to Assure Opportunities for All Students with Disabilities (H.611)
  • An Act Relative to Licensing Group Care Facilities Serving Students with Special Needs (H.647)
  • An Act to Create a Facilities Loan Program for Private Special education Schools (S.345)
  • Protect Disabled Parents' Rights (H.1711, S.1083). Also check out this informative poster for more details!

Ten point plan to combat systemic racism  Elected officials of color developed a 10 point plan to combat systemic racism in policing and police brutality.

Reform, Shift + Build Act, released by the Senate.  This race equity and policing bill expands the eligibility for expungement.  Here's more information on the expungement law.

Rhode Island

You can find contact info for your Rhode Island state legislator here: And then call or email to ask that they support legislation.

  • Judge McConnell orders Rhode Island to improve provider pay starting in FY2022. See the order here!
  • Check out the May news brief outlined by the Rhode Island Coalition for Children and Families here!
  • Want updates about advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities? Check them out here


You can find contact info for your Connecticut state legislator here: And then call or email to ask that they support legislation.

National Legislation

  • JRI fully supports the proposed George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. Download the fact sheet to learn more about the proposed changes.
  • Protecting kids at the point of arrest/entrance into the system, H.R. 2834, by Congressman Tony Cardenas.
  • Establishing a minimum juvenile and adult court age, H.R. 2908, by Congresswoman Karen Bass.
  • Reforming sentencing standards for children convicted as adults, H.R. 2858, by Congressman Bruce Westerman.
  • Ensure Medicaid access for vulnerable foster care children. Check out the full details and bill here.
  • Read the May updates from the Coalition for Juvenile Justice here!
  • Ask Senators Warren and Markey (or U.S. Senator from your state of residence) to sponsor a bill that will ensure children in foster care currently residing in Qualified Residential Treatment Programs can continue to receive the care they need. S.2689


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