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The mission of My Life My Choice is to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of adolescent girls through survivor-led programs that educate and empowers girls to find their voice and create a positive life path while working to eliminate the violence and victimization of sexual exploitation.

At MLMC, we believe that girls have a fundamental human right to live their lives free from exploitation—without fear that adults will prey on their vulnerabilities. To change this landscape, we specifically aim to decrease the incidence and severity of commercial sexual exploitation of girls, with a primary focus on the Greater Boston area. In addition to this central goal, MLMC keeps an eye toward being a leader in the national movement to end domestic trafficking by disseminating lessons learned from our work here in Massachusetts. The central goals of our work are to:

  1. Prevent commercial sexual exploitation of girls by empowering them with the knowledge and skills to reduce their risk of exploitation.
  2. Increase identification of girls who are being commercially sexually exploited by training service providers to recognize the signs that a girl is being victimized and know how to respond.
  3. Decrease the number of girls being commercially sexually exploited by supporting victims as they exit exploitation and work to rebuild their lives.
  4. Improve the community response to girls who have been commercially sexually exploited.

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Click here to learn more about Safe Harbor Legislation and how you can help stop exploitation in Massachusetts.

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