Developing Abilities

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JRI Developing Abilities collaborates with individuals who have developmental disabilities, their families, state agencies and advocates to design, develop, and implement community-based, consumer-responsive programs of the highest quality. Our programs offer an array of innovative, personalized service options that focus on discovering and expanding people’s abilities.
We provide residential, employment, day habilitation programs, and individual supports in a variety of settings. Some of our adult residents live in staffed homes or apartments, while others have the opportunity to receive residential supports in their own homes.

Employment services allow people with a variety of needs and job skills to grow through job training, group employment and competitive employment positions. Our day habilitation services help people improve their daily life through community-based treatment activities and access to specialized therapies and innovative supports.  
We approach each individual as a person capable of learning. We use a strength-based approach that includes individually designed and alternative approaches to developing and enhancing abilities. The individual is involved in the process of developing and learning the new skills and the behavioral repertoires necessary to successfully function as independently as possible at home, in work, and in the community.

These services might be right for you if
You or someone you know has a developmental disability.
You or someone you know needs supports either in their home or in a staffed home.
You or someone you know with a developmental disability wants to grow their skills through job training.

Berkshire Meadows

Berkshire Meadows provides residential and family supports to individuals with severe intellectual disabilities and complex medical needs in homes that provide the staffing support to enhance quality of life. We focus on providing opportunities to create skill-building and independence during activities of daily living and recreational activities, but always have the individual's well-being in mind.

Developing Abilities Employment Supports

MetroWest Works in Natick, Westborough, and Northborough engage you in community-based day supports and prepare you to find meaningful paid work. Our training helps you develop skills, and provides practice in positive work attitudes and jobs in a variety of community tasks and settings. Our centers are small and community-oriented, with multiple daily opportunities to practice work skills in real settings.

Developing Abilities Willow Tree Day Habilitation

Willow Tree in Natick and Northboro, Mass., provide active treatment through small-group community activities to help you gain new abilities and enhance rehabilitative outcomes. Our programs for transition-aged adults; people with ASD, people with chronic health conditions or mobility needs, people with visual impairments, and people with dementia are often successful where others have failed.

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