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We know that it's the little things in daily life that really matter. People with significant learning needs want and deserve the same quality of home life as their peers and families. Our residential supports honor that.

Assisted living
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Focus: We focus on providing you with the resources to live with the independence, safety, and dignity you deserve.
Age: 18+
Gender: All genders
Capacity: Varies by setting.
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We help you create the residential supports you want to meet your needs and goals, whether you're just turning 22 years old, looking at mid-life, or adjusting to the changes of the elder years. We involve you a in a process of developing personal strategies, resources, and options for a rich and rewarding home life. We seek multiple ways to help you develop community roots and enjoy the lifestyle you choose. We collaborate with you, building on your strengths to help you plan for the future.

Our services include community-based, personalized residential models that support you while you practice the skills and behaviors you need to maximize your potential, participate in the community, and have the home and social life you want. We offer over 40 years of experience, skills, and resources to provide personalized supports, including those for transition-age adults, people with ASD, adults with changing needs, and adults with trauma histories.


Homes With Health Supports

Our resources include homes carefully designed to support health conditions, medical fragility, and mobility needs. Experienced staff support people with complex needs to live in small homes and to engage in the life of their neighborhood and community. Clinical Care managers coordinate with healthcare specialists. Our expertise includes respiratory care, disorders that require G-tube feedings, ABI, severe seizure disorders, metabolic diseases, diabetes, dementia, and geriatric care.

Homes with Behavioral Supports

For adults with behavioral and mental health challenges, we offer small group-living homes that foster success and growth. Positive Behavioral Supports are employed with autism-informed approaches, trauma-informed practices, enhanced consultation with clinical staff, coordination with external therapists and psychiatrists, and the teamwork of experienced staff. We provide a framework for you to develop positive coping strategies and shape your behavior to reflect the best you can be.

Individual Home Supports

We're there when you need us! Whether you live by yourself in an apartment, in a home with your spouse and children, or share a home with housemates, if you need help with tasks of daily life, we are available. We help you manage household responsibilities, financial obligations, medical appointments and medication, social and recreational activities, transportation and we give you access to 24-hour consultation.


Shared Living

We are temporarily not accepting Shared Living referrals.

We match community caregivers with adults with Intellectual or developmental needs who want to live together. Shared Living is a set of resources enabling people to live as they like, safely and comfortably in unique community households.

We recruit, screen, and train people who want to become caregivers by welcoming a person with a disability as an equal member of their household, or who want to establish a new household with them. We work with individuals who want a shared living arrangement with a caregiver, carefully matching their interests, preferences, and needs with those of a compatible caregiver. We provide support, training, and consultation over time to ensure that formal Shared Living arrangements continue to meet the needs and enhance the lives of all parties

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Rachel has been a part of the JRI team since January, 2000. For over 20 years, Rachel has been working in the field of human services assisting families with accessing and navigating services. Rachel received her Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Bridgewater State University. She was promoted in July 2005 to Family Networks Program Director where she closely worked with the Department of Children Families for 10 years ensuring that children and families received the highest quality of individualized services ranging from community based through residential care. Rachel is very dedicated to helping the individuals she works with and is committed to improving the lives of children and families. Rachel’s passion for creative service programming inspires her in her role as JRI Service Navigator.