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Young Black child giving the ok sign with text that says Make a Difference Now Hiring
In-Home Therapists, Outpatient Therapists and Intensive Care Coordinators... Sign-On Bonuses for All New Hires!
Amazing Benefits Package Included!
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Seeking Residential Counselors... Tuition Reimbursement and Sign-On Bonuses!
Earn your degree while making a difference in the lives of others and making money!
World AIDS Awareness Day - December 1st

Happenings at JRI

In 2015, the daily feeling of fatigue and sickness shattered my denial. My substance use had spiraled out of control. One day, while sleeping on my parents’ sofa, a syringe fell out of my pocket, along with the secrets I had been carrying. I went to get tested for HIV and received a positive…
Join us for the Family Advisory Council Open House December 8th at 12pm

Happenings at JRI

December 8th at 12pm The Family Advisory Council is a supportive space where caregivers have a guiding voice and work side by side with agency leaders to set goals to improve care for individuals we serve and their families. This group meets quarterly to collaboratively brainstorm and formulate…
 Yoga, weight lifting, art therapy: How JRI programs are helping survivors of abuse, trauma

Happenings at JRI

The Children's Advocacy Center of Bristol County in Fall River and the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute (JRI) offer services and opportunities to connect for youth survivors of abuse and trauma and their families. Both programs offer various programs to best suit…
JRI receives national grant to expand trauma-informed care nationwide

Happenings at JRI

Justice Resource Institute (JRI), a leading social justice organization in New England, has received a $600,000 federal grant to help residential treatment centers across the country improve care for trauma-impacted youth and their families. The grant, awarded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health…
JRI was name one of the top ten places to Work in Massachusetts in terms of diversity and inclusion

Happenings at JRI

JRI is proud to be named one of the Top Ten Companies in all of Massachusetts when it comes to diversity and inclusion. This list was drawn from scores of companies of all sizes and types who were surveyed in 2020. Being on this list is a reflection of the work we are doing, at all levels of JRI.…

What We Do

JRI encompasses a broad range of specialized schools and unique programs

JRI provides an array of innovative and evidence-based outpatient mental health services throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. All of JRI’s Behavioral Health Centers and Trauma Services use intervention…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You or someone you know needs trauma Informed Outpatient Behavioral Health and Clinical Services.
  • You or someone you know needs a psychiatric/psychological assessment and evaluation.
  • You or someone you know requires medication management.

JRI provides a wide variety of specialized in-home and community-based services throughout Massachusetts. Our services include intensive care coordination, in-home and outpatient therapies, mentoring services, in-home…

These services might be right for you if:
  • Your child/youth is in need of community-based behavioral health services.
  • You or your child/youth is looking for LGBTQIA+ support services.
  • You want to find expertise and services related to sexual exploitation.
Susan Wayne Center of Excellence

JRI Connecticut is committed to opening doors to opportunity for youth and families who face the complex challenges associated with trauma, mental illness, and cognitive impairment. Within an environment that preserves…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You or your child is struggling with symptoms of complex trauma and/or mental illness.
  • You or your child is struggling in your current academic setting.
  • Your child/youth is in need of community-based behavioral health services.
female in wheel chair with a friend

JRI Developing Abilities collaborates with individuals who have developmental disabilities, their families, state agencies and advocates to design, develop, and implement community-based, consumer-responsive programs of…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You or someone you know has a developmental disability.
  • You or someone you know needs supports either in their home or in a staffed home.
  • You or someone you know with a developmental disability wants to grow their skills through job…
Student and Teacher

For over thirty years, JRI has opened doors to educational opportunity for youth in our local communities. Within our specialized schools, JRI has created academic and therapeutic programming that fosters healthy growth,…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You or your child is struggling in your current academic setting.
  • You or your child is struggling with symptoms of complex trauma and/or mental illness.
  • You or your child is struggling with peer relationships in your current academic setting.
Group of kids

JRI provides intensive foster care services, adoption supports, after-school supports, and early-childhood training and consultation for families seeking supports around safety, healthy development, and long-term success…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You are interested in becoming a foster parent.
  • You or your child is seeking foster care.
  • You or your child is interested in adoption.

JRI Health and Housing works with individuals living with and at risk for HIV and HCV to help provide them with the treatment, housing, and justice we all deserve.  We offer case management, rental subsidies, legal, and…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You are an underserved individual living with or at risk for HIV.
  • You or someone you know who is living with HIV/AIDS needs affordable housing and help maintaining…
  • You or someone you know is an LGBTQ+ youth of color in need of tools to make healthy decisions.
Two people talking at a table

JRI offers a range of programs designed to support youth struggling with intensive acute symptoms. These programs include long-term intensive residential treatment programs.  JRI remains on the forefront of interventions…

These services might be right for you if:
  • You or your child is struggling with significant acute symptoms of mental illness or complex trauma…
  • You or your child is in immediate need of a stable and safe living environment while you seek long…
  • You or your child are in need of support in the juvenile justice system.

JRI’s Service Navigator

Do you have a question about JRI’s services?

No problem. You can call or email us and we'll guide you to the appropriate resources.

Mother kissing her son on a park bench

JRI in Action

Established in 1984, the Youth Trauma Program's mission is to assist children and families in dealing with the effects of trauma.  The program provides trauma-focused outpatient therapy services to child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and other crime-related trauma,…
Boston Globe's Top Places to Work logo for six years and The Hartford Courant's Top Places to Work logo for three years

JRI in Action

JRI employs over 2,800 employees who are recognized for their outstanding professional skills, compassion and community leadership. JRI recognizes that knowledgeable, well-skilled staff are essential to the high-quality programs and ensuring effective client outcomes. JRI values staff as a critical…
Grad Caps

JRI in Action

Housing Programs Spotlight:
Read the YouthHarbors COVID-19 Impact as of 3/27/20.   The YouthHarbors program serves homeless, unaccompanied high school students who statistically are 87% more likely than their housed peers to drop out of high school. Donate today to help YouthHarbors students stay in school and graduate.

JRI in Action

JRI Health Spotlight:
Program RISE: Services during COVID-19 Response Updated October 1, 2020 The team at Program RISE hopes that you and yours are staying safe and finding joy in these challenging times. At RISE, we continue to support our clients and remain open five days a week (M-F). Our current service hours…
GLASS youth at Pride

JRI in Action

JRI Health Spotlight:
UPDATED October 2021 GLASS is offering in-person HIV/STI testing, treatment, and PrEP for LGBTQ+ youth ages 18-29. By appointment ONLY, no drop ins.  Testing appointments available Monday-Friday from 9:30am-4pm.  To schedule an appointment, please text or call 978-604-6937.   We are now located…


JRI/COVID-19 Navigator

Do you have a question about how JRI services, related to COVID-19 or otherwise?

Rachel has been a part of the JRI team since January, 2000. For over 20 years, Rachel has been working in the field of human services assisting families with accessing and navigating services. Rachel received her Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Bridgewater State University. She was promoted in July 2005 to Family Networks Program Director where she closely worked with the Department of Children Families for 10 years ensuring that children and families received the highest quality of individualized services ranging from community based through residential care. Rachel is very dedicated to helping the individuals she works with and is committed to improving the lives of children and families. Rachel’s passion for creative service programming inspires her in her role as JRI Service Navigator.