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Our Navigator personally answers questions and talks with you about resources that may be available in the community to meet your individualized needs. If you have any questions about our programs or services, or aren't sure what you need, contact our Service Navigator, Rachel Arruda, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Rachel has been a part of the JRI team since January, 2000. For over 20 years, Rachel has been working in the field of human services assisting families with accessing and navigating services. Rachel received her Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Bridgewater State University. She was promoted in July 2005 to Family Networks Program Director where she closely worked with the Department of Children Families for 10 years ensuring that children and families received the highest quality of individualized services ranging from community based through residential care. Rachel is very dedicated to helping the individuals she works with and is committed to improving the lives of children and families. Rachel’s passion for creative service programming inspires her in her role as JRI Service Navigator.


The Victor School

At The Victor School, an exceptional education and specialized therapeutic attention go hand in hand. Our students are intellectually gifted and have social/emotional challenges that have been under served in previous school settings. Our unique program allows students to continue their college-preparatory education within a supportive environment in which they can learn, grow, and succeed.

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Focus: The Victor School is a therapeutic day school for students who present with solid intellectual skills and emotionally based challenges to learning.
Age: 12-22
Gender: male, female, transgender, non-conforming
Capacity: 66
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Wendy Rosenblum
380 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, MA 01720
(978) 266-1991
Mission and Values

The Victor School exists to provide challenging, college-preparatory academics in a safe, nurturing environment rich with social, emotional, and transitional skill development.  Our school is based on the understanding that students want to, and can, succeed; we provide students and their families with the tools to meet, and often exceed, their goals and make their vision a reality

Our school values:

- each student's voice as the cornerstone of planning.

- strong collaboration with families, team members, and collaterals.

- a strong, respectful community rich with rituals and recognition for students and alumni.

- an education that creates lifelong learners and fosters curiosity.

- individualized, creative planning for each student.

- research-based tools and data to support student progress and success.

It is an honor to be invited along on each student's journey, and to work closely and collaboratively with the families, students, school systems, and collaterals that have instilled their trust in us.

The VIctor School


Educational Services

With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, The Victor School offers individualized instruction by licensed, experienced, and compassionate educators. Our multidisciplinary curriculum integrates Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, which acknowledges that there are many styles of learning and understanding within the learning process. The Victor School provides college-preparatory levels of academics in the core subjects as well as through a range of electives such as psychology, creative writing, current events, and music, art and gym classes.

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Clinical Services

The Victor School employs a modified version of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach and positive decision-making. Our team of licensed clinicians provides students with daily group therapy, weekly family therapy, and ongoing coaching and support. In conjunction with the student's family and team, our clinicians teach skills that enable students to cope with personal and social challenges, and perform academically and socially to the best of their abilities.

Transitional Services

The Victor School individualizes transitional services, taking into account the unique needs and goals of each of our students. We support students and families in defining their transitional goals from day one, and encourage the development of skills necessary to reach these goals. The school provides supported volunteer opportunities, internship and job shadowing, college exploration, career planning, and dual-enrollment at Middlesex Community College.



Student with microscope
I have always felt supported by my Victor School family. I am so grateful for their kindness, patience, and understanding. Because of their confidence in me, I am now looking forward to attending college in the fall. They helped me realize my dream, and for that I am truly thankful.
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