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The JRI day schools are leaders in academic excellence, providing quality education in a supportive, therapeutic environment to a wide range of middle and high school students. Our students are capable learners, whose emotional, social, or individual learning styles may complicate their schooling and make traditional public school feel overwhelming. The schools provide integrated clinical, academic, and transitional services that enable students to reach their full academic and social potential, and that prepare them for post-high school success.  

Engaging curriculum is provided by highly qualified, dedicated teachers and aligns fully with the Common Core. A full range of core and elective classes is offered, with a focus on STEM, art, and vocational exploration. State-of-the-art technology resources are integrated to support student learning and executive-function development. At each campus, a team of professional clinicians works seamlessly with students, families, and teachers to support individualized skill development and student goals. Transition specialists provide one-on-one and group activities to support college and job exploration.

Fully approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, JRI day schools operate year-round and have rolling enrollment; students are referred throughout the year by the special education department of the school district in which they live. Referrals for private pay families are also accepted.

These services might be right for you if
Your middle or high school aged child/student has social/emotional issues that complicate their schooling.
Traditional public school has felt overwhelming, or has not been effective in supporting your child/student’s needs.
Your child/student benefits from individualized supports and planning.

The Victor School

At The Victor School, an exceptional education and specialized therapeutic attention go hand in hand. Our students are intellectually gifted and have social/emotional challenges that have been under served in previous school settings. Our unique program allows students to continue their college-preparatory education within a supportive environment in which they can learn, grow, and succeed.

Bay Cove Academy

Bay Cove Academy is a small, therapeutic day school located in Brookline, Massachusetts serving adolescents, ages 12-22.  Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education and nationally recognized by the US Department of Labor for its Career Development Program, the school provides a highly structured, learning environment for teens whose educational and social needs exceed those which traditional public and private schools can accommodate.


Granite Academy

Located in Braintree, Mass., Granite Academy is a dynamic day school for middle and high school-aged students who have social/emotional challenges that complicate their learning. Fully approved by the DESE, Granite is recognized for providing flexible, individualized programming and being completely dedicated to meeting the needs of its students, families, and the public school systems.

Anchor Academy

Anchor Academy is a special education, therapeutic day school that serves school aged students between the ages of 10-22. Anchor Academy operates as an extended year, 11 month academic program, with an optional summer experience. Certified special education teachers provide students with a curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework. The curriculum prepares students for high school graduation and transition to post-secondary education, career or vocational training.

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