A School Year Wish

A New School Year Begins

By: Courtney Edge-Mattos

It is that time of year again.  Busses wheeze through neighborhoods, opening doors with a groan as students clatter into seats.  Playgrounds burble with excited shrieks and laughter as recess again takes over.  Lockers slam and reminders to walk, not run ring through previously silent hallways.  School is back in session.    

School has a unique place in a child’s life.  It is routine, predictable, regulated.  There is something very known about school.  Even a new school likely has the same basic expectations and rules as the last school.  But for some kiddos, we know that school causes sweating, pounding hearts, embarrassed tears to prickle hotly in their eyes, and anxiety to wash through like a tidal wave. 

To the child standing in the cafeteria, clutching a tray with no idea where to sit, we wish that a warm smile from a kind student finds you and gives you a safe seat to call your own.

To the child afraid to change out for gym class, we wish you comfort and an understanding teacher to point you to a private locker area.

To the child wandering the halls, lost in a maze of new classrooms, we wish you a resource officer to extend a hand and lead you to your destination. 

To the child sitting in class, overwhelmed by the material, we wish you a kind teacher to offer you a study group and extra help to catch up.

To the child sitting in the principal’s office, another day gone bad, we wish you a fresh start and a support system to make the day go right.

To the child hiding in the nurse’s office, we wish you find healing for the root of your discomfort.

To the child afraid to raise his hand, we wish you courage to find your voice.

To every child in every classroom, we wish that you find the magic of learning, the excitement of a world of possibilities, the friendships that can shape your life, the inspiration from teachers excited to share, and safety throughout the year.  May this year be your best year yet.


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